Who We Are

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations - Lydon

Our aim is to foster integrity, excellence and professionalism in all of our activities. This objective is expressed through our commitment to service employers who pursue similar business values and strengths.

Aussie Civil & Mining Recruitment was established in 2019 with the objective to provide a professional staffing solution to businesses and organisations of any size by way of staffing recruitment.

At ACM Recruitment we know its important to find the right candidate & fast, with our organic reach with social partnerships online we can have your advertisement reach thousands of people within minutes. 

Not only is it important to find the right candidate, it’s important to know the team behind you have the experience in the industry you’re seeking to fill the positions in.

Our team is small but reliable, with over 45 years experience combined in the civil & mining industry, we know the roles you’re looking to fill & the experience required. 

Trust in ACM Recruitment to assist you in placing your next employee.