Civil & Mining Recruitment & Project Services

What we do.

We keep your civil and mining projects running on time with qualified, genuine, hardworking people.

Our flexible solutions range from employing and managing skilled resources for your projects through to labour hire and traditional recruitment services. 

With over 40 years of experience and expertise across the mining and civil industries, we will work with you to deliver your project to deadline and to the highest standard. Our diverse portfolio of resources allows us to tailor a package to suit your needs and specifications. 

We have partnered with a variety of large and small companies over the years and will quickly become a valued part of your team.

Mining & Civil Project Management

We have you covered for everything from preparing a pad, to building or maintaining roads. We will supply complete project management packages including team leaders, staff, and equipment to see your project through from start to finish. 

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

Pipeline & civil specialists to assist with intricate spooling, overland pipelines, bore & headwork installs, MSCL pipelines, earthworks & more. When it comes to having your project run on time and needing the resources to do so, ACM is your best partner and many will agree.

Shutdown Services

When needing to build the right team in a short time to execute your shuts ACM will assist. We will supply workforce, equipment and ongoing maintenance or use our expertise to deliver tailored solutions to meet your shutdown specification.

Construction & Mining Talent Acquisition

Whether you are looking for permanent placement, casual staff or contractors, we understand what is required for on-site projects and ACM will find the right personnel or team to carry out your needs.

Equipment Hire

With extensive experience in mining and civil contracting, we know what equipment is required to complete every type of project, from welding to earthmoving.

With a vast variety of equipment ready to hire out at a moment’s notice, we can give you the means to get the job done on time.



Hydro Testing

Hand Tools & More

our process

Our expert team know the mining and civil industries better than anyone, and we understand what it takes to succeed on site. With our experience and understanding, we will find the right person for the job and remove the hassle and expense from staff recruitment.

Discovery & Assesment​

With Australia’s largest mining and civil database at our fingertips, we can save you the time and hassle of sifting through resumes.

We vigorously screen and assess candidates to make sure your newest team members are up to the task.

Talent Search & Team Building

Our industry experience helps us find suitably qualified, experienced staff, taking the guesswork out of your recruitment process. 

We know what is required for life on site and will put together a team suited to your specific project needs. 

Engagement & Placement

Whether you need team leaders, project managers, supervisors or onsite staff, we will facilitate staff engagement and placement into the right roles. With your onboarding covered, you can focus on the task at hand.


With skills, expertise, and a dedication to completing tasks in a timely manner, we will quickly find and mobilise the team you need, so you can get started on your project right away. 

Leadership, Safety & Mentoring

We support and promote a safe work environment for all our staff. 

Our guidance and tailored placements help candidates reach their full potential and assist them in achieving career growth.

Who We Work With

With an excellent track record, we provide efficient, quality service delivery to a range of mining and civil companies.

We have worked with clients such as BHP, Rio Tinto, BGC and Newmont Gold, as well as mining contractors and smaller operations. Whatever your business size, operations and required outcomes, we have got your project in hand.