When absenteeism, special projects or just wanting to ensure that cultural, technical and productivity objectives will be met by your next hire, temporary engagements and labour hire is a solution that delivers results across workload coverage, project outcomes or your next valuable permanent hire.

Aussie Civil & Mining Resources “ACM” has become a trusted business partner, providing excellent staffing solutions to West Australian businesses of all sizes for the last 7 months. While a new business ACM have extensive industry experience, we will share the pros and cons of utilising both temporary and labour hire engagements as a business strategy.


Experience and Expertise

Utilising temporary employment and labour hire allows you to engage industry experts as your business requires. As a business strategy you gain access to the skills and experience you need without the investment across recruitment, training and productivity performance management. As quoted by one of our customers “Due to the global demands and an everchanging workload we must maintain a flexible and technically adept workforce. I have been using Aussie Civil & Mining Resources since their inception and have appointed 46 personnel to take on special project and shutdown works. With the confidence that all engagements are tested, qualification, background and drug and alcohol tested and are medically fit for work we had the confidence that Aussie Civil & Mining Resources robust practices and placements deliver results”. 

Flexibility and Reduced Downtime

Hiring temporary and labour hire employees enables you to alter the size of your workforce at short notice and ensure the momentum in your business operation or project remains. With a continuous pool of available talent to draw from, most of which are now exclusively engaged with Aussie Civil & Mining Resources, you can have the confidence that your business will continue to deliver the results that keeps you at the leading edge.

Reduced Costs

By engaging the strategy of hiring temporary and labour employees a full suite of hidden cost savings is achieved. With Aussie Civil & Mining Resources investing heavily to attract, recruit and qualify suitable employees for a wide and active customer base we reduce company’s recruitment costs. Once appointed and the employee is onboarded, the value add is received from their qualification, skills and experience all of which is delivered to your business to immediately deliver results. With your recruiter across their productivity and performance if the ROI is not there then a working guarantee is exercised, a replacement secured and your down-time minimised.


Training Requirements

Regardless of their skillset, a certain amount of induction and training may still be required for temporary and labour hire employees to deliver on the business objectives. You can reduce some of this by hiring the same temporary or labour hire employees as often as possible.

Safety Issues

As mentioned, the correct onboarding and training is critical for the success of your hire as even the most skilled temporary and labour hire employee may not be familiar with the specific risks that are present in your operation. To ensure the safety of all employees at work the onboarding process should clarify hazards, risks, policies and procedures, work instructions and pre-start requirements while encouraging both temporary and labour hire employees to contribute to the business safety initiatives.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Hiring

We all want reliable, responsible, solutions centric and cost-effective suppliers and when it comes to your most valuable asset this should be no different, your people.

By engaging the strategy of hiring temporary and labour employees a full suite of hidden cost savings is achieved. With Aussie Civil & Mining Resources is a fully Quality Endorsed Agency which provides the guarantee you are working with a reputable and responsible business that has invested heavily in the continuous improvement of our hiring and risk management methodologies across our business operations.

You can proceed with confidence that the currency of knowledge and our certifications will safeguard your business and for further information or to meet with Lydon Hollitt or Colin Maylor to understand how our temporary and labour hire business can help you achieve your business directives Contact us today.

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